Wingsuit Info

Wingsuit Jumps

We’ve got the perfect backdrop practically begging for some wingsuit jumpers, because it doesn’t get much better than this.

Wingsuit jumps will be allowed, but only for experienced wingsuiters. At a minumim, you will be required to have well over 200 skydives and at least 10 logged wingsuit jumps somewhere else prior to the boogie. All wingsuit jumpers will also need to attend a wingsuit briefing prior to making a wingsuit skydive.

With enough interest, we will bring a load-organizer just for wingsuit jumps. Check back for updates!


Alaska Skydive Center for more information and or to make payments and reserve your spot today. Checks made out to Alaska Skydive Center can be mailed to 

820E Aircraft RD Suite 100
Palmer Alaska 99645

Credit card payments will have 3% added at time of purchase. See you in the Sky